Orthomolecular Nutrition Wellness now offers EX-Plaque treatments, a natural phospholipid from soybeans given specifically to release arteriosclerotic plaque from the arteries of the body. Ex-Plaque was developed over 50 years ago in Germany, and used extensively around the world. Note: Ex-Plaquex is phosphatydalcholine, also known as Essential Phospholipid or EPL,essential phospholipid exchange, Lipostabil, lecithin, and more.

After a course of Plaquex, to the amazement of researchers during clinical studies, patients with severe angina and coronary artery blockage were completely asymptomatic, and no longer needed heart medications, such as beta blockers, nitroglycerin and blood pressure medications.

There are no side effects with Ex-Plaque treatments except for positive side effects such as improved circulation to the brain, legs, heart and other vital organs. Occasionally loose stools occur during treatment, but this is controlled by lowering the dose. Irritation of veins at the infusion site has occurred and this is reduced by lowering the dose, or diluting the phospholipid in a greater amount of IV fluid.

Male patients suffering from sexual impotency because of poor blood circulation have noted an improvement during the course of treatment. Because of the ability of phospholipid to cleanse all of the arteries in the body, patients may notice a dramatic improvement in kidney and cerebral function, sexual potency, and improved circulation in extremities with reduction or disappearance of symptoms.

Ex-Plaque also lowers LPa, cholesterol, fat deposits in liver, and more. Plaquex cannot be mixed with other intravenous materials. It is generally given 1-5 times per week, for a course of 20-40 treatments.  Ex-Plaque does not cure atherosclerosis; it just backs the plaque out, improving circulation.After the initial course of treatments, maintenance treatments are essential -- about one per month if the problem is mild and 2 or more per month if the disease is severe.

EDTA CHELATION PLUS Ex-Plaque/Phosphatidylcholine!

The combined effects of EDTA Chelation Therapy with its ability to remove heavy metals, thinning calcified plaque, and its anti-oxidative qualities, mixed with the vessel-cleansing, cholesterol lowering qualities of Ex-Plaque... is “the dynamic duo” of atherosclerosis. Practitioners recommend alternating 1 Ex-Plaque and 1 EDTA Chelation each week, or alternatively 2 Ex-Plaque and 1 EDTA treatment per week. Treatments continue until symptoms are gone, and the number of treatments varies from patient to patient, but it is recommended to do approximately 30 Ex-Plaque and 15 chelation treatments.

THE HISTORY OF Ex-Plaque/Phosphatidylcholine

A few years ago physicians stumbled onto a substance isolated from soy beans called Phosphatidylcholine (which had been tested clinically 20 years prior in patients with severe coronary artery disease. 20 patients suffering with intractable chest pain, sustained on beta blockers and nitroglycerin products were entered into a program which consisted of an infusion over a period of 50-60 minutes, 3-5 times per week for a total of 30 treatments. 19 patients became symptom free and got off all their medicines.

Based on the above results, a medical research team at BAXAMED, in Switzerland, initiated their own clinical study on a small group of severely ill patients. Two of these patients already had 2 bypass operations and had been sent home to die, one patient had 2 angioplasties and was still suffering from angina pectoris, and a fourth patient was documented, by a thallium stress test, to have blood perfusion problems of his heart.

After Ex-Plaque/ Phosphatidylcholine treatment, a stress test at the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland showed almost normal perfusion of the heart in all patients.


Ex-Plaque Therapy fights "aging".  Ex-Plaque reverses age-related damage to the body. As we age, billions of our cells change,
especially in the cell membrane. Cell membranes are composed of a variety of fatty substances called lipids, which occur in specific ratios. With aging the membrane’s lipid ratios and structures change and degrade. Slowly the cell loses its youthful elasticity. The cell membrane no longer admits nourishment into the cell and it no longer allows waste to leave.The cells “sleep" as if dead. These are the cells of your heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, skin, liver, and most other tissues and organs of your body.

Ex-Plaque Therapy reverses "age" related changes in the lipid ratios of the membrane of ALL THE CELLS OF THE BODY. It returns the lipid ratio of the cell membrane to a ratio nearer that enjoyed by the individual in younger days. Cell membrane permeability normalizes and enzyme functions resume. The cell returns to an earlier shape and a more youthful function. The cell becomes more “elastic” again; nourishment gains entry into the cell; waste is removed. The cell awakens from its “near death sleep.”

Because it has effects in the cell membranes of all cells, Ex-Plaque has wide range of uses.


  • Revert cell, tissue, organ, and bodily functions to a younger state
  • Reverse or prevent the risk of plaque production
  • Help enhance the capacity for heart-lung stress
  • Help to restore immunocompetence
  • Enhance sexual competence
  • Retard progression of aging
  • Improve impaired renal and liver function
  • Reduce high blood pressure, systolic and diastolic
  • Reverse myocardial hypertrophy (enlarged heart.)
  • Reduce cholesterol & clean all arteries of the body