Orthomolecular Nutrition & Wellness Center has been administering IV therapy micronutrient therapy for almost 20 years.  We were one of the first clinics in the area to implement this life changing therapy. While other clinics do offer nutrient IV therapy, most of them do not have our experience and offer a very inferior product.  We have over 30 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes in our nutrient IV’s.  Not only do we offer a more robust and synergistic blend of ingredients, but we use the “correct” molecules which is why we get superior results.  Here are the things that make our nutrient IV therapy superior to the rest who are usually using a synthetic sourced or corn based ascorbic acid.

  1. We use tapioca based ascorbic acid which is less hypoallergenic, will not burn and will provide superior results.
  1. We use methylcobalamin B12 while most clinics use the less expensive, less bio-available cyanocobalamin B12.
  1. We also use sodium bicarb, trace 5 (chromium, copper, zinc, manganese, and selenium), Aminosyn (Over 20 different amino acids and electrolytes) and more.
  1. We put in a standard dosage of 25 grams of Tapioca based ascorbic acid while most clinics use 1-10 grams.

**Vitamin C normally acts as an anti-oxidant when used in lower doses or taken orally.  But in pharmacologic IV doses of 25 to 100 grams (25,000 to 100,000 mg), Vitamin C acts as a pro-oxidant. These high doses release hydrogen peroxide that is detrimental to cancer cells. Normal cells have the enzyme catalase to detoxify the hydrogen

peroxide and the other reactive oxygen species (ROS). Cancer cells are grossly

deficient in catalase and so are not protected in a high dose Vitamin C concentration.

Normal cells can easily tolerate the same dose and studies indicate that this is a very effective means to target cancer cells while leaving normal cells intact.**

Holistic Vitamin C Cancer Support study results:

The Following is a Comparison of Corn-Source and Non Corn-Source (Cassava root derived) Vitamin-C

Invitro Apoptosis (Destruction) of Cultured, Human Cancer Cells K562 Erythroleukemic Cells (Human Leukemia Cancer cells)

Apoptosis Data Control (negative-cell growth media) 6 to 9 %

Control (positive-Camptothecin) 37.8 %

Corn Source Vitamin-C 9.6 % (5 mcg/ml media concentration)

(Non Corn-Source Vitamin-C) 38.4 % (5 mcg/ml media concentration)

Cassava root derived Vit C demonstrates 4-times the selective killing of human Leukemia Cancer Cells in a laboratory study, compared to normal intravenous corn derived Vitamin-C.

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